Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Zara has done it again!

Top- Zara, shorts & necklace- Topshop, Rings- Ebay. Cuff- friends (sorry)

Hello again!
Hope everybody is well! I went into Zara the other day and I found this amazing top! It's got so many holes in but I found myself still getting hot in it!
I apologise for the miserable face in the first photo, i couldn't get a good picture of the outfit and face at the same time.
Anyway I bought this lipstick last month, I was a bit scared because I don't ever wear it. But this one was £1 in superdrug! so why not?

One of my favourite apps at the moment is Instagram. You can follow me if you like @Coral_Payne. It's just a nice way of editing photos and sharing them, but did you know Mr Facebook bought it for $1 billion!!!!!!! That is inner journalist coming out to you all lol.

Also I am awaiting a beautiful pair of shoes they are a copy of the Balenciaga Harness boots. As i certainly cannot afford to buy the real ones (poor student) £20 off ebay is pretty good! MMmm they are yummy!

Sorry for my rambling,

Hope you've had a lovely week.

Coral x x x 


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Top- Zara. Shorts- Topshop, Turquoise ring and bracelet - Forever 21, Claw ring and Knuckle ring- eBay

Hello and welcome to my blog!
I don't really know what i'm doing but I thought i'd give it a go. 

I'm a student studying Journalism and Media and i hope when i graduate to go in the direction of fashion journalism etc. 

I literally LOVE this top at the moment, i can't stop wearing it!

Anyway I hope everyone is having a lovely easter and have been spoilt with lots and lots of chocolate!

Lots of Love Coral x x x

p.s sorry about the chipped nail varnish!
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