Monday, 24 March 2014

Urban Spring

Shirt-Loot Vintage|Shorts-Urban Outfitters|Top-H&M|Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell
Good Evening/night,

I feel like this outfit has a James Dean/ 50's inspired look about it... anyway, I have been after a shirt like this for aggesss, and whilst I was holding an interview at Loot Vintage shop in Bristol this shirt caught my eye from across the room. Their stock amazing and it is reasonably priced too, so if your ever in Bristol I recommend you check it out. 

The latest trend to hit social media is the 'no make up selfie,' now, I am not one to take a selfie, let alone with no makeup, but as it was for such a good cause I thought why not. I can't believe how much money it has raised too!



Thursday, 20 March 2014

Topshop collaborates with ADIDAS!!!!

If you read my blog you may know I work in Topshop. As you can imagine being a poor student and having to work there can be pretty tempting at times.

My temptation has now been pushed to the limits- Topshop and Adidas have collaborated to produce this 20-piece range of stylish sportswear. Classic tees and running shorts have been recreated with a girly Topshop twist, with new luxe materials and patterns. The famous three lined tracksuit has been tailored to a slim and streamline silhouette.AHHH

I am not one to exercise, but this sure as hell makes me want too. If only all sports attire looked this good.

A few personal favourites of mine are the Adidas Originals sweat, the shorts and this all in one suit!
Check out the rest of the collection here.


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Bleach london washed up mermaid review

Hey All,

I had the intention of actually making a video for you all to see me doing this, as I want to broaden my blogging platform to YouTube. But I don't have a tripod and it proved to be very difficult to film without one.

I then intended to take photos during the process of dying my hair, that also proved difficult as I was alone and I had gloves on and the time went to quick, so on and so fourth. 

I spontaneously did this to my hair last week after talking to about it with a colleague at work. I got all excited about it and bought the dye from boots.
I didn't want it to be too bright, as I have previously had lilac and pink and I like the pastely colours.

To start, I popped some gloves on and just split my hair into sections. I then just dolloped it on my hair and slowly massaged it into my hair. Because I only ever get highlights in my hair I knew that I would't get full coverage and it wouldn't be as strong. 

By the time I had dyed all my hair I only wanted to leave it on for a further five minutes, just so it wasn't to bright.

Above is the end result and I am really pleased with it. 
I've washed my hair about 6 times since and it hasn't faded at all, so I'm not really sure how long this will last.

If you have any questions, just ask below and i'll get back to you



Friday, 14 March 2014

Twilight & Green hair!!


Good Evening all,

Just a quick post that I did yesterday, moments before it got dark. It was so foggy and misty which made quite an ominous setting for a blog post. I bought this skirt a couple of weeks ago for a friend’s birthday. I always find Zara has really nice detail skirts, however I did leave a trail of sequins behind me the whole night and the skirt does look pretty bare now. Nevertheless it is still very lovely. I made it a bit more casual but adding my denim jacket. Which dresses down any outfit but still looks stylish.
You may be able to spot my huge bruise on my leg too, god knows how I did that.
If you don’t follow me on instagram you may have noticed a slight change in the hair colour department… Yup… it’s green/blue. I spontaneously did it the other day after me and a friend were discussing it. It is a lot brighter than I thought, but it will fade (hopefully)

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend,


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