Thursday, 27 November 2014

MAC Review: Viva Glam 2

Viva Glam II

I honestly swear by this lipstick!

For a while I pondered about purchasing a neutral lipstick, one that I could wear everyday that didn't look cheap and tacky. I was in the MAC store and I noticed an offer of any lipstick for £5 with any purchase. You've probably put the two and two together, yes, this is how I discovered Viva glam II.
I would describe the colour as a slightly nude beige with mauve tone. On different lights, the colour appears to change. It is very flattering and long lasting, paired with with MAC's 'Beurre' liner it gives the nicest tone to your face.The lipstick itself is relatively long lasting. I do struggle with lipstick as I must subconsciously lick/ bite my lips a lot because most lipsticks don't last long. I also tend to get dry lips which as most girls know is a nightmare when you want to wear a statement lippy. However Viva Glam II doesn't appear to fade as easy. This may be due to the fact that it is a neutral tone, therefore it is not as obvious when it fades. 
This lipstick is the only lipstick in my life that I have finished. I was gutted when I could see it was coming to the end. But luckily for me my girl Harriet surprised me with a late birthday present, we all know late ones are the best! I was over the moon, bless her!
Anyway, I would recommend this lipstick to anyone who is also debating about a neutral lippy!


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Friday, 21 November 2014


Dress- Asos|| Coat and shoes-Newlook
So I was lucky enough to be invited to Ascot. I had only ever worked at the Cheltenham races so I jumped at the opportunity to go. After a breif look on ASOS I stumbled across this dress. Asos, thank god has 20% off that weekend so it worked out to be a reasonable price. I ordered the dress in a 10 and it was HUGE. So if anyone is thinking of getting it get the size down.
I almost wish I found this dress sooner so I could have had it as my graduation dress.
As for the actual races, A good tip that worked for me and my friend. Simply hang around a stand that has a list of the races on then look at who puts the most money on a horse. It worked for us and we won a fair few races!

- Coral

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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Lush- Rose Jam review

Rose Jam-Lush

Well... Where to start. I know i'm not alone when I say I love smells, especially gorgeous smelling shower gels, candles, moisturiser, etc.

So as you can imagine when I discovered this particular LUSH shower gel I simply couldn't say no!

If I am honest, I am not a regular LUSH customer. Not for any particular reason, I just have never really entered the shop. However when I walked in to the Bristol based store I was greeted with spectacular customer service. All the girls were so friendly and keen to help, they asked me what I was looking for, and gave me advise on their favourite products and best sellers.

As you can probably guess, this product does smell of roses, but it's not an overpowering floral smell (which I hate), it is lightly scented, it also contains vanilla, lemon and argon oil which all compliment each other to give this beautiful smell. What I also love about this is the smell actually stays on you. Most shower gels I find only last the actually shower, as soon as you towel dry you no longer smell of the shower gel.

As I was about to pay I was asked if I had tried another LUSH product that also shares it's fragrance with Rose Jam. Immediatly I was handed thos product and a tester pot so I could try it at home. This was called Ro's Argan Body Conditioner. You actually use this like you would condition your hair. Again this product's smell lasts for hours, I would really recommend both.

My only negative would be the price, for a extremely poor graduate like myself forking nearly £10 a 250g bottle of shower gel is rather a lot, however I do feel like it is worth it.

I am really keen to visit LUSH in Bristol again as I was in a rush before and didn't get to have a proper look around. Their friendly staff and excellent customer service really made my experience shopping their a great one.

P.S This product is a limited christmas edition so grab a bottle quick!

- Coral

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