Thursday, 23 November 2017

Teddy Bomber

Hey Everyone,
How amazing is this jacket!? I am pretty sure this is my dressing gown but in bomber form. It is so unbelievably soft and warm. I bought it spontaneously a few weeks ago online and I am so glad I did!
(I am also selling one similar on my Depop if you are interested.) 

Also is anyone else sick to death of this Black Friday malarky? I can't keep track of what is going on it feels like every store is having a sale, but I have no money and not one minute to spare to shop in store or online, especially at this time of year. I have just watched the adverts in-between I'm a Celebrity and I am not joking every single one was about black Friday. This didn't even exist five years ago, why is it even called Black Friday when it is not just Friday!? Rant over, I do apologise. 

I have also purchased the Fenty X Puma Creepers as a little treat to myself. (This is why I have no money.) I have alway been a big creeper lover and had to sadly throw mine away at the end of Australia, but these are just bigger and better in every way. I will post a better photo on my Instagram soon.

Have a great weekend!!

Love Coral


Thursday, 16 November 2017

How to make a Macrame plant hanger

As we were walking home one night in Bristol my friend Rosie looked in a shop window and said I really want one of those and pointed to a macrame plant hanging basket. So I decided I would attempt making one for her birthday.

I will now try my best to explain how to make this in six simple steps (I hope). Please forgive me for my terrible photography skills.

What you will need:
Macrame Rope (you can use any kind but I chose 2ply twisted rope from here)
3" Ring (I used a Curtain pole ring)
Wooden beads- this is optional
Plant pot

Cutting the rope.
Cut the 8 pieces rope, this all depends on the size of your hanger. I decided to cut mine to 8ft. It may feel like you have a lot of rope but trust me it will all come together eventually. Then loop the rope through the ring so the middle of the rope has folded over it. Try to make sure the rope is even but its not the end of the world if it is not perfect.

Wrap knot.
Now we are going to make a 'wrap knot'. confusing as it sounds once you have done it, you'll realise how simple it is.
Start by cutting another piece rope to about 5ft. Then make a 'V' shape, and start wrapping it round the 16 strands of rope, making sure there is a little rope poking out the top, this will be used later.
Once you have reached the end of the 'V' thread the rope through the hole. Then pull the piece of rope at the top that should be poking out still. This should secure the knot, everything should now be taught and sturdy. Then cut the excess pieces of rope.


Square knots.
Now we will start on the square knots. These knots remind me of the Scooby Doo's that I used to make at school. Begin by separating your 16 strands into fours measuring 20" and make a mark, do the same for every strand, this is to assure your knots are all even around the pot.
Lay four of your strand out flat, thread the beads on the outer two strands. Then lay the left cord over the center cords and under the cord to the right. (I know very confusing) Then thread the right cord under the centre cords and up over the cord on the left. Pull slowly and gently to tighten, making sure you are lining the knot up with your measuring mark. Now to repeat this process going the opposite direction, lay the right cord over the centre cords and under the cord to the right. Thread the left cord under the centre cords and up over the cord on the right. Just do this one more time, and repeat the whole process on the other three lots.

Second set of square knots.
By now you should start seeing the hanger slowly coming together. Now to repeat step three but this time taking two cords from adjacent groups of four. I measured 4" down making sure to mark the rope. It does start to get a bit fiddly, at one point I was having to use objects to hold it down to stop it from moving.

One more wrap knot.
Put your plant in the hanger, adjust to suit and I used my hair band to tie the strands together whilst I adjusted everything one final time. This made it easier to start the wrap knot. Follow step one again. making sure the knot wraps are as tight as possible.

Tedious tassel making.
This stage is optional, but I liked the idea of having a tassel. It a long process but start by unwinding the twists in the rope. Honestly it look me almost two hours. I then used my straighteners and straightened the rope as it had ringlets from where it was twisted.

If you have any questions please contact me, I will do my best to help,
Good luck,

x x x

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Bobbi Brown's Long-wear Even Finish Foundation review

I had been an Estee Lauder Double wear user for the past three years or so.
And for a long time I had been feeling, especially in the hot Australian Climate that Double Wear was beginning to look and feel too thick for me and both of these issues resulted in me becoming very spotty. Insert- horrific flashbacks of my teens. So I thought it was time for a change. 
We all know how hard it is to find a decent foundation and to be honest, I barely have a minute to spare, so when I was at the airport and duty free was calling my name I decided now is the time to find my new foundation. I knew that I only had a few brands to choose from so it helped narrow down the hunt.

However there were a few 'boxes' that needed to be ticked. First off, was the obvious. Great, flawless coverage, this is the most important to me, due to scaring on my cheeks and chin from my spotty outburst last year. Secondly, it needs to be long lasting. Is there really any point in investing if it doesn't last all day?
Thirdly SPF. If your mother hasn't drilled in the importance of suncream...
Lastly, it must glow, and look natural. I can't stand cakey foundation that has no shine.

So the end result was Bobbi Brown's Long-wear Even Finish Foundation. And the feedback from me is very good. It ticks all of my 'boxes'.
It is very smooth and light, I have actually ditched my foundation brush due to the bristles being hard and leaving lines. Instead I am using my fingers. You only need a small amount to cover your entire face and it's build able, which is always a bonus. The foundation blends in nicely with my concealer, and has excellent coverage. Bronzer and other powers set perfectly on top of. It is very long lasting, as you can see with the two cringy selfies, the first is at 9am before work and the second is at 6pm. It has a dewy finish to it, which makes my skin look hydrated, it even survives in humidity and comes with a pump!
(It comes in 19 different shades)

My only two negatives, are the smell and the low SPF. It stinks of lavender, and I really don't like lavender. But this is down to my personal taste. I feel SPF 15 is better than none, but I would like a 20 or 25. Sun damage = wrinkles girls!

If you have any questions just leave a comment below,
I hope I have helped you in choosing a new foundation.

Love Coral


Sunday, 8 October 2017

Back to Bristol

Top- Australia | Jumpsuit- Top | Shoes-ASOS | Food- Primrose cafe and Bistro

Last week me and my Mum visited my favourite city in the UK, Bristol.
We spent most of our day in the lovely suburb of Clifton. Despite it being very close to the city centre, it feels like it is tucked away from the hustle and bustle. The coloured houses have now become somewhat iconic to Bristol so we decided to take a couple of photos.

I fell in love with this jumpsuit so much that I actually have it in two colours, the charcoal and a khaki. I just wish the months weren't getting colder so I could wear it more. I love pairing this jumpsuit with my vans for a more casual look. I am also upset that I have only just bought these sandals. All summer I have been after the perfect pair. I found them in September... typical. They are perfection, just the right amount of chunk and rope- super comfy too. I have fallen over in them, but I am a clumsy sod!

It's my birthday on Thursday, and I will be over the halfway point. I still don't feel as though I have my life on track at all, I am still feeling in limbo since returning from over two years abroad, I don't know where I want to live or what job I want to do. I remember being at school and thinking 'by the time I am 26 I will be married with Children' I honestly couldn't be further away from either. But I am happy with my life right now. I am excited for what is to come.

Stay Tuned... x

Thursday, 7 September 2017

ZAFUL Wishlist

Zaful have seriously upped their game this year. With new trends dropping daily, it has been hard to keep track. So I have decided to write a little wish list to show you all what I have been lusting over.

I am off to Ibiza next few week and I have been looking for the perfect dress, in particular a off the shoulder ruffle dress. Here are a few I have selected that I love.  All of these dresses are very verstile can easily be worn in the evening, or thrown over swimwear.

You can never ever ever have enough Bikinis, take that from someone who has spent the last part of two years wearing a bikinis daily. I wish I had the bank balance to allow me to buy a new bikini every day, but who does? Zaful have made it a lot easier by actually making affordable swimwear, and A LOT of choice. I am obsessed with the high cut bikini's they are so flattering and really help to accentuate curves. The ribbed textures are a must have!

I have also had my eye on a few fluted sleeved crop tops. I know they aren't the most practical (when eating) but they really do elongate the arm and frankly they just look damn good. Again Zaful have such a huge range. The colour selection is also very current which can make decisions much more difficult. 

Check out Zaful's website to view their entire collection.
Surprise Code : ZFEN

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