Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Bobbi Brown's Long-wear Even Finish Foundation review

I had been an Estee Lauder Double wear user for the past three years or so.
And for a long time I had been feeling, especially in the hot Australian Climate that Double Wear was beginning to look and feel too thick for me and both of these issues resulted in me becoming very spotty. Insert- horrific flashbacks of my teens. So I thought it was time for a change. 
We all know how hard it is to find a decent foundation and to be honest, I barely have a minute to spare, so when I was at the airport and duty free was calling my name I decided now is the time to find my new foundation. I knew that I only had a few brands to choose from so it helped narrow down the hunt.

However there were a few 'boxes' that needed to be ticked. First off, was the obvious. Great, flawless coverage, this is the most important to me, due to scaring on my cheeks and chin from my spotty outburst last year. Secondly, it needs to be long lasting. Is there really any point in investing if it doesn't last all day?
Thirdly SPF. If your mother hasn't drilled in the importance of suncream...
Lastly, it must glow, and look natural. I can't stand cakey foundation that has no shine.

So the end result was Bobbi Brown's Long-wear Even Finish Foundation. And the feedback from me is very good. It ticks all of my 'boxes'.
It is very smooth and light, I have actually ditched my foundation brush due to the bristles being hard and leaving lines. Instead I am using my fingers. You only need a small amount to cover your entire face and it's build able, which is always a bonus. The foundation blends in nicely with my concealer, and has excellent coverage. Bronzer and other powers set perfectly on top of. It is very long lasting, as you can see with the two cringy selfies, the first is at 9am before work and the second is at 6pm. It has a dewy finish to it, which makes my skin look hydrated, it even survives in humidity and comes with a pump!
(It comes in 19 different shades)

My only two negatives, are the smell and the low SPF. It stinks of lavender, and I really don't like lavender. But this is down to my personal taste. I feel SPF 15 is better than none, but I would like a 20 or 25. Sun damage = wrinkles girls!

If you have any questions just leave a comment below,
I hope I have helped you in choosing a new foundation.

Love Coral


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