Monday, 26 November 2012

Culture Clash

Shirt-Charity shop|Hat&Top-Topshop|Hi Tops-Nike|Discopants-Glamorous|Bag-Select

Hey all,

Aren't these photos cool! They were taken by my friend Harriet, as Jane was a busy bee at uni! The lighting looks really nice- nearly dusk!
Love this outfit it's so colourful! The mustard top I’m wearing underneath actually has really cool chains on the sleeves, but unfortunately I didn't get a photo. I will admit I was a bit chilly, could have done with a jacket, oh well.
I am literally SWAMPED with uni work, deadline after deadline! Therefore I have nothing interesting to write in this post, sorry!!
Lots of love,

X x x 


  1. That shirts an amazing charity shop find. Love your hair xx

  2. This outfit is so fab and colourful! Question about the disco pants - do you have AA ones as well?

    Liv x

    1. Hey liv, thank you!
      I don't no, I tried them on and personally didnt like them as much as the glamorous ones, I have a pretty big bum and the AA ones completely flattened it out and gave me no shape, where as the glamorous ones don't. And they were over 1/2 the price!

      Hope that helps x x x

  3. Aaaah fab, thanks! I want some disco pants but I'm NOT spending £75 if I can find a fab alternative, and everyone I've spoken to really rates the Glamorous ones so I might take the plunge!

    Liv x x

  4. Amazing shirt, I absolutely love it!!
    I've just nominated you for the Leibster & Versatile blogger award! x

  5. Nice outfit. Shirt is so cool. :)

    New follower (from motel).


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