Monday, 3 September 2012

A Blue Disco!

Leggings- Glamorous|Top- Topshop|Pumps- Topshop


I got this gorgeous top from Topshop last week for my boyfriends birthday. I love it. Usually these kinda tops from Topshop are expensive. I can't find it on the website, so I can't link it, but i think it was about £30. Love these blue disco pants from glamorous.I think I prefer these to the AA ones. Because they don't suck my bum in as much, so it looks like a still have one! 
It was sunny today which was good for a change, I hope we have a hot summer again in October, so it's nice and hot for my 21st!
Anyway, have a lovely evening.

x x x

1 comment

  1. loveee this! i've seen to disco pants copies around but when i first saw these images i was convinced they were the real AA ones!
    also that top for £30 is such a good price! ive seen similar ones in topshop before for like £65 because of their embellishments which is ridiculous! this however is perfect :)


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