Saturday, 26 January 2013

Just Hype

Rings&skull bracelet- Topshop|Spikey bracelet&socks Primark|Jumper,Necklace&Creepers-eBay|Beanie-Hype

I am so hungover!!!
- Note to self stop mixing drinks!
I am sure many of you have heard of this brand on my head- just hype, there collection is so bold and colourful, check them out here. Love all their printed tees and beanies and basically EVERYTHING.
This jumper is also a wildfox replica! Bloody love it. 
I did my ombre nails again but this time blue, i really like them, but I cannot keep nail varnish on my fingers for more than a day, they are chipped already! Dang Nabbit!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far- I am off out again tonight. Crazyyy!

Lots of love



  1. Nails look great with the top , sounds like you're having a much more interesting weekend on then me, work work work :')
    Have fun ;3 xx

  2. Love everything about this outfit, you look gorgeous..and those nails are just perfect xx

  3. These photos are awesome. You look so good!

  4. This outfit is so perfect - right down to your choice of socks! xx

  5. Need this beanie in my life!
    And your nails are gorgeous
    S xx

  6. This outfit is amazing. I've seen these Wildfox-esque sweaters on eBay but I had no idea how great they'd look in real life. Beautiful girl :)

  7. loving the jumper! might have to spend more time on ebay!

  8. Love your outfit! Cute nail polish! x

  9. really beautiful outfit ! love you blog, following you now, thank you for commenting on mine !

    xx Anicajames

  10. I love your jumper, wildfox is great but so expensive - great replica! I also love your nails, I'm so rubbish at ombre nails, yours look really great!

    Newest follower, Rose xo

  11. Love this outfit! Great great style xx


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