Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dressing Up

 Cringey close up
Skirt-Miss Selfridge|Shirt-Zara|Necklace-Topshop|Shoes-JC|Bag-HousematesMulberry

Good Evening,

I've just taken a mini break from my stressful boring uni work to post this outfit. Yes... I know... I'm looking rather smart for me in my SKIRT AND SHIRT COMBO. I usually go for a grungy messy kind of look. But a girl has to dress smart every now and again to prove she is still a lady!

I have had this shirt for a while now, I love it because you can dress it up as I have shown above, or dress it down with some leggings and Doc's it's just the perfect length(it covers you bum). I don't think Zara sell this particular shirt anymore(i've left a ebay link there were hundreds) but I know they have mass produced it with various different animals on it, this one is the 'leopard' one and my housemate has the 'owl' version.

A heads up that Religion are offering 20% off everything in the Bristol House of Fraser store until tomorrow... GET SHOPPPPING QUICKKKLYY.
Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far, I'm going to Nandos on Saturday and I cannot wait, severe cravings!

Love Coral



  1. Stunning look. Love the necklace.

  2. Your style sounds like mine :')
    Love how you've still got some grunge in her, the skirt looks great. I totally get how you feel about uni, so done with all my assignments right now! xx

  3. You look gorgeous! I love your shirt xo

  4. Love this outfit!
    Your blouse is gorgeous
    S xx

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  6. I love your style, the photoshoots are so cool! <3

  7. Hey just came across your blog and really liked it, would love if you checked out mine, maybe we could follow each other? Let me know what you think?

    Alice xx


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