Sunday, 18 August 2013

Some BoomTown outfits!


Here are a few outfit(ish) snaps from the crazy crazy BOOMTOWN! As I mentioned in my previous post boomtown was undoubtably the Barmiest festival I have ever been to! I went with the intention of photographing my outfits day by day. But after the 1st day when I forgot that idea kinda went out the window. 

The 1st image is moments before the powder paint fight we unknowingly walked into. Jane (left) was wearing a simple black body con dress teamed with a checkered shirt which gave it that perfect girly festival vibe. I wore my tie dye vans tee and the essential bum bag! I can't even begin to tell you how much this bum bag came in useful in ibiza and Boomtown, I'm the sort of girl who hates carrying a bag on nights out so I always put my money and ID in my bra and normally end up loosing it. But the bumbag really didn't get in my way at all and kinda accessorised my outfit up a bit.

The 2nd image is a glimpse of the crazy activities that went on throughout the day at boomtown! Yes sumo wresting.... I can't describe how hilarious it was watching my friends wrestle in those suits. We also played in the ball pit and compeated in a potato sack race! In the image you can see another festival outfit, the paisley playsuit, and again my bumbag adds a little more to the outfit.
3rd image My lovely girlies that I went to Boomtown with and some of their festival outfits! Everyones outfit differed from day to day but we maily wore shorts and a flowy/crop tee or a cute dress. 
Some of the outfits at boomtown were incredible as there were set fancy dresses for each campsite. But some girls really did look incredible! 

Hope everyone has a lovely sunday... 
I can smell our BBQ cooking!

Love Coral



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