Sunday, 15 September 2013

Paisley is my fave

Crop-ASOS|Skirt-Urban Outfitters|Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell|Jacket-Topshop

My girl Molly decided to join my today, safe to say she photo bombed a fair few pictures, but who cares because she is so cute.

I wore this outfit at my boyfriends birthday the other night. From what I remember we had fun. However we both were feeling it the next day, taking turn to go to the bathroom, not ideal!

I have been wanting a crop top like this for a while now, it reminds me of Sandy from Greese! And when I stumbled across this little number in urban outfitters I could not resist. I am a huge fan of paisley, and this skirt is just so pretty! It high waisted too which I like because not much of my belly is out... WIN! Although I did wear it the wrong way round, but I preferred it that way.
I have so many outfits to show you! So expect many more posts this month. I'll cram them all in before the dreaded final year of UNI!!!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Love Coral


  1. Love the shape of the crop top, cute outfit! <3

  2. My dog always used to try to crash my photos too - such a picture whore! I love this pattern too, it's perfect for literally EVERYwhere xo

  3. Very cute outfit x


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