Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Last Ever Uniform post :(


How amazing are these trousers they have tiny little rips in them too. They remind me clown trousers. I’ve been meaning to blog them for ages but I haven’t had time with uni, work and socializing. The days are getting shorter and shorter to now which sucks because I can’t blog after work because it’s dark! Dammit!
There is a reason for this sad sad title, as of tomorrow I no longer work for Religion, this is very very sad. Unfortunately the other Religion shops weren’t making enough money so they decided to get rid of them all, which is very annoying as I love Religion and all of there beautiful clothes. But hey hoe all good thing have to come to an end! On a positive note I have been offered a Christmas temp job in Topshop, working in Topshop is probably ever girls dream, so I am very excited to start there.
I have a huge backlog of outfits I need to share with you all. Including my birthday dress (yes I’m now the tender age of 22) and a few lovely new tops and a jumpsuit I have just purchased! I can’t wait!

Happy Monday!


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  1. You look amazing, the shirt is stunning xo


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