Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Birthday Dress

Dress Topshop|Necklace-eBay|Lippy-MAC-Diva|Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell

Hey Hey,

Sorry my blog is being a bit neglected at the moment, I haven't had a spare moment these past few week. Earlier on the month I turned 22, which sucks. I feel like i should be much more grown up now then I actually do and I feel I should have some plan with my life, but I don't. I was spoilt rotten for my birthday, my main prezzie was a new camera! Happy Day's a beautiful Canon 60D. A beautiful beautiful camera!
Anyway... I wore this dress for my birthday night out it was relatively cheap, the back is gorgeous and it falls lovely. I also bought some new lipstick, hense the hideous close-up. I am terrible with lipstick, I always find that I go to the toilet halfway through the night and I have managed to wipe my lipstick all over my face.HOW? WHY?
I am dressing up as a skeleton for Halloween tomorrow and I want to look really cool, because last years outfit was a massive fail. But we practiced our makeup last night and it couldn't have gone any better. I will maybe/ maybe not blog about the end result if I somehow manage to look good. I'll keep you posted!

Love Coral
x x x



  1. This is STUNNING - I love the back of the dress so much! You look gorgeous too - obsessed with that lipstick ox

  2. Love this dress, the back detail is such a lovely feature <3

  3. Love the colour of this dress!x

  4. Love everything about this outfit! The dress is stunning and love the color!
    xx Andrea


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