Monday, 16 May 2016


Yes, I know what you are thinking... Another Discount night? How could such fantastic new be so true?

Well a little birdy has informed me that Click Frenzy is a series of massive online sales events which are held to coincide with the major shopping periods throughout the calendar year. The first Click Frenzy event was held over four years ago and since then it has been a massive success.
In previous years discounts have soared to a whopping 90%. So for any of you that are unlike me and are super organised, then this the best time to get some Christmas presents.

There are even more brands than before with a lot of overseas brands participating in the sales.

Since I'm on the talk of Christmas I thought I would just put together a few items that I would love to give or receive as presents. There is such variety of stores that are in this sale, you could get something for everyone.

A Sydney based brand that specialises in accessories. What I love and feel really separates Oroton from the rest of their other competitors is their unique customisation that they offer. They use a technique called monogramming. Whereby you can choose from gold or silver foil to personalise your item. I have chosen the classic tote bag. I really love it in this mink colour, for me I'd call this bag a wardrobe staple. It will always be on trend and the personalised touch is great.

I was happy to see Pretty Little Things are offering discount for the Click Frenzy event. I am a fan of theirs. Being a relatively new brand to the competitive fashion world Pretty Little Things has not let that get in their way with almost 900k on Instagram, I think it is safe to say they know what they are doing in the fashion world. They are accessible online worldwide and have unbeatable prices for delivery. All of their stock is bang on trend, and their prices are equally as unbeatable as their delivery.

I am a makeup snob. I'll be the first to admit it. I really do believe that a lot of the time you can tell the difference between cheap and expensive makeup. But before I rush into purchasing an expensive product I occasionally shop around and see if there is a cheaper, better alternative. Model Co. has developed award-winning self-tanning, beauty and sun care solutions for over a decade. So it's safe to say they have a lot of experience. Since it is gradually getting colder in Melbourne, which therefore means no tan for me. I have loved their self-tan applicators, and their variety of self tan. They have even created an applicator design for your back- Genius. I will defiantly be purchasing some more

Enjoy this special discount event!
Love Coral

Below is an example of some of the brands featured. To find the full list click here

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