Wednesday, 3 August 2016

GO NUDE! This seasons colour palette

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Bomber, Body, Jeans all Topshop || Watch- JORD

Since arriving back in Australia earlier this month it really has been non stop. We had planned to travel the West coast (so many beautiful blog posts coming your way), supposedly leaving last Sunday. However our Car decided to have an A4 list wrong with it, which would have ended up costing us over $8000 to repair. So we had to make the decision of scrapping the car for parts. This was a hard choice as it left us with nothing, just after we had quit our jobs and moved out of our house. What a nightmare last month has been. BUT every cloud has a silver lining, and Amy’s dad’s good friend who lives in Australia too has bought us a car. We actually cannot believe our luck. So this past week we have been living and working on his chicken farm in Canberra as a way to say thank you. Believe it or not it has been so much fun, so much so we don't actually want to leave! Everyday we have to open the pens to let them roam. At around 1/2pm we collect the eggs and every few days they need feeding.

Going on to my outfit. I seem to be wearing this body a lot, the colour is spot on for this seasons nude trend. I love how Topshop have mastered the body (finally no bum-cheek overhang), this was a real problem for me. As for the bomber and Joni, they were a no brainer really, as they go with pretty much anything.

Anyway- Must dash, We have to collect the chickens eggs.

Love Coral

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  1. Beautiful outfit! I'm glad things worked out for you in the end, to be honest the farm sounds like fun and something different to do! X x


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