Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I am bombarding you with 21st photos

Firstly I’m sorry about my lack of posts, I did do one on Religion clothing, but my face looks so funny in all of them I can't bare to put the over the internet for the whole world to see, therefor I have to re-take the photos!

As you may be able to tell from the title of this post, it was my 21st birthday the other day. Friday to be precise! All my friends and family and my lovely boyfriend spoiled me rotten.

Secondly, I got my AMZING JC Litas of all of my wonderful friends at uni, it was such a shock, I nearly cried. Bless them all, and then they bought me the most wonderful cupcakes from a cute little shop near our house, they were so yummy! And the pink champagne just topped it all off!! I had a few dresses to decipher with, but in the end I decided to wear the lovely Lipsy dress. It's different to what I’d normally wear and a bit more smarter/posher. As it was my 21st I thought.. Why not! My boyfriend Will got me so many lovely things. Firstly, he bought me a STUNNING natural Arizona turquoise ring, which was handmade by a man called Roger Montoya. He bought this from a beautiful shop called Rainmaker, which I have previously mentioned before in a post. He also bought me a 1L bottle of Southern Comfort, which is my absolute FAV, and a ridonkulous sized jar of smooth peaunut butter. He then got me some Levi shorts and a snuggy to keep my warm My finally prezzie of him was a photo album of me and him from all of our drunken nights out, he then took me to my favorite restaurant called Aqua and we demolished the plate of Calamari (my favvv). My auntie and cousins got my a charm for my links bracelet (which they bought me on my 18th) unfortunately links have stopped doing 21 charms which is a bit stupid if you as me, but they got me a 'C' which I was extremely happy with. My boss bought me a lovely burgundy bag, which I love and will blog very soon! My parents spoilt me so much and I’m so grateful! They got me a personalized number plate saying 'US 02 COZ'I couldn’t resisted a cheeky photo with my lovely doggy. They also got my a hand made birthday card, they are just the cutest parents ever! They then gave me some euros, because I’m going to Tenerife at the end of this month and to D&G perfume, as I can't afford to buy it myself and I’m just running out!

Anywayyyy.... This was my very photoy and babbley post on what i got for my 21st! I had a very drunken night out and I am currently in bed dying feeling sorry for myself! Hope everyone is having a good week so far!!

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  1. Hope you had an amazing 21st, looks like you got spoilt and had a lovely time :)

    Love your blog, just followed.
    Fellow motelrocks street teamer, Maddie xx

  2. Ohhh love these photos!! Looks like u had an awesome 21st birthday!! X



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