Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Tie Dye, Camo and Fur!!!!

Camo- Zara| Fur- H&M| Dress- H&M| Claw & Camera ring- eBay| Eye ring- Topshop| Floral Bracelet- Prairie Charms.

Hello :),

Hope all is well! I have been so busy these past two weeks, university is taking over my life! I am so tired! 
My 21st Birthday is next week too, i'm not very excited even though I think I should be. I just haven't got any solid plans, or a birthday dress! any ideas?
Anyway, i'm loving military! I purchased this lovely camo from zara a few weeks ago and it hasn't left my back! It had these crystal type things but it looked a bit chavvy so I ripped them off! This dress/top I made myself. Well, i bought the top from H&M, then popped it in a bucket of dye! 
This little website Prairie Charms came to me and invited me to look at there website and choose a bracelet that I wanted, they have some really cute things on their website. I chose this plaited bracelet because it's just something I would wear, but check out their website its so cool! 

x x x 



  1. LOVE this outfit - especially the camo jacket xo

  2. Seriously in love with this outfit!! The jacket looks gorgeous! X

  3. Cute coat! A bit of a risqué photo eh ;)


  4. ooh love the top!

  5. love this outfit so much! :) xx


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