Sunday, 16 December 2012

I'm in space

Boots-Dr Martens|Discos-Glamorous|Sweat h&m|Necklace-eBay

Firstly, please ignore my face in these photos!

I almost feel that these images make me seem as though i'm in space. The graffiti is galaxy-like. My trousers are like a space-mans, and my dr. martens act as moon boots! So all in all this is an outer world outfit- if I were ever to go to the moon, this could be my attire?
I have finally finished all my uni work in time for christmas, unfortunately I have a job so can't go home for christmas just yet, which sucks A LOT makes me sad :( miss my family.
Still haven't done any christmas shopping yet either!!! 

Lots of love
x x x 



  1. Love the pants and the background!
    Very out of space
    S xx

  2. These trousers are amazing! x

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  4. IN LOVE with those disco pants!
    Sorry for the late reply, it has been a busy Christmas!
    Thank you very much for following, you were my 50th follower! Made my Christmas!
    Cute blog, I will certainly be following back!

    Thanks again!

    Samma x

  5. Amazing outfit!!! Thanks for reading my blog and being my second follower, I really appreciate it. I just followed back!

    Ps: I have to admit it, I'm in love with your hair!

    :) xxx


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