Wednesday, 5 December 2012


So Karen from contacted me the other day to see if I wanted to take part in the xmas outfit blogger challenge, I jumped at the opportunity, what more could a girl want than scrounging around the internet for ours piecing together an outfit for £100 or less (harder than it looks.
Anyway I decided to use MissGuided, mainly because their Autumn/Winter collection is amazing at the moment and such value for money. These boots are AMAZING, they are exactly the same as the Jeffrey Campbell ones but are £53.99! This dress is so simply so teamed with the necklace i thought would make it just perfect, and the boots will obviously complete it. The ring and bracelet I simply added because you always need a ring on your finger and a bracelet on your wrist! The lipstick I decided to put on their just to finish the look, as it's christmas I decided red would be the most appropriate especially because this outfit it quite dark and the red will brighten it up. My limit was £100, I managed to have a bit of money left over to buy a nice bottle of wine.

Anybody can enter this fantastic competition,the prize is a £100 fashion voucher for the three best outfits, to see the rest of the terms and conditions see here. So get shopping...

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  1. This outfit is amazing! Love the lipstick as a Christmassy finishing touch, and well done you for having a bit left over for wine! haha!

    Liv x

  2. That is a really cool ring, and I agree that the lipstick is fabulous. Well done!

    Following <3


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