Friday, 18 January 2013

Generic Snow Post!!!


Hey lovelies!!

Some of you clever people may know that it's snowing! (give yourself a pat on the back)
So before we played in the snow and got all wet me and janey took some piccies!! Still on the phone unfortunately as we still don't have a camera.
Our snowman is also a bit different, instead of the button eyes and carrot nose- he has tomato eyes and a leek nose. Cannot get much better than that really can you!
This week my boss at Religion was away for her birthday. Our new SS13 arrived and I had to merchandise it- it is so much more difficult that you think, but I hope I managed to make it look good!
Happy Snow day!!!

Lots of love
- Coral



  1. I love the t-shirt. This post looks like lots of fun :)!
    Just discovered your blog and it's fantastic xo

  2. Such gorgeous photos! I'm loving the snow - hopefully a post up tomorrow xo

  3. Great job on the merchandising
    I'm loving the neon and blacks
    S xx

  4. love the outfit :) you did a great job on the merchandising!

  5. Such cute pictures and love the outfit!


  6. Haha, love the snowman:) he's so indie! jk. the outfit's cute tooxx

  7. HEY i've nominated you to do the Liebster Blog Award.
    The link is here :

    Let me know if you do!



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