Thursday, 14 November 2013

5 Pointz Bristol

Good Afternoon,

My old boss Lizzie and I recently did a photo shoot for 5 pointz, a street wear shop in Bristol. Lizzie who is now the manager of the shop asked me to do this a while back and we only recently got round to doing it. I though it was going to be a small feature for the companies instagram page, but little did we know it was going to be a full on shoot and VIDEO! 
We were a bit nervous, but whenever me and Lizzie get together everything is a massive laugh and a joke so the day went so quickly and we laughed all the way through it. Everything that we wore on the shoot was to promote ONLY and can be found on 5Pointz website.
We have also just been asked to do the same thing again but for TRAP magazine, which is a Bristol based magazine.
How exciting!!
Hope everyone is having a lovely week.

Love Coral

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