Tuesday, 26 November 2013

This Is England


Good Evening,

Decided to do a evening blogpost today!
I quite like the effect, however it was freeeeeezing!
How amazing is this leotard! I am absolutely in love! Although it gives me such a wedgie! It reminds me of the evil twin bralet which I have been lusting after for ages.
These trousers are so cool as well, not something I would normally wear but I really like them. They are from the this is england range at topshop which is very 80's and focus more on the boyish silohettes, very much like the film this is england... hense the name. 
Anyway I am off to watch Hunger Games.
Have a lovely week!!

Love Coral x x x 


1 comment

  1. Your shirt is gorgeous! Love this outfit xo


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