Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Happy New Year


Happy New Year Everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted until now. Christmas is such a busy time. Especially if you work in retail! I've been back and fourth from Wales to Bristol and all the way to Milton Keynes. Which left no time for blogging!

I hope everyone had a lovely christmas and a fanTABulous new year!
This lovely playsuit I wore on christmas day. I rarely find a playsuit that fits me, it's either to tight on my bum and to baggy on my waist or visa versa.But this is perfect, the belt needed a few extra holes punching in it though.
I have had this head accessory for agggges now, I have barley worn it so I decided to dig it out and whack it on. I think they are a really nice accessory to have.(my roots-ahhh)
I've also put a Loreal toner on my hair, it's the same one as I blogged last year but the pink one. I'm going to do it again though, but i'm thinking of using the Bleach London one, i've heard good reviews so i'm going to give it a go. I was thinking of maybe making a video to show everyone, but the idea of making a video is very daunting. We'll see...
Hope everyone has a lovely week.


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  1. This is stunning! I love your hair here xo


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