Monday, 22 December 2014


Again Bangkok was a culture shock. A completely different one to Dubai. Like most cities it was very fast paced, humid and confusing. Personally we found Bangkok very dirty and smelly. Later on we found out we were ripped off on the taxi from the airport, it should cost between 600-700bht, ours cost £1000 and it was on the meter. So the meter must have been tampered with- so be careful.
We stayed there three nights at the Buddy Boutique hotel, which was a really good location as it was just off the Koah San Road. We found that three nights was more than enough for us. I'd recommend only staying one, maybe two nights maximum in the city.
While we were there we wanted to do the  typical things, like go to the floating market, see the majority of the temples, and watch a ping pong show and go to the skybar which was where a scene from the hangover was filmed.
Unfortunately we were on a very tight budget, so we only managed to see one temple, we saw the 'Wat Arun' this is one of the most popular, especially during sunset. It was beautiful, and huge, we climbed as far as we could, this was when Amy discovered her fear of heights and froze half way up the steap staircase, clutching on to the railings. 
The only other thing we did in Bangkok was watch a ping pong show. It was basically a live sex show. We were taken on a tuk tuk down this dark alley and led into the side door, forced to pay 500bht and made to sit in this room and watched things we never want to see again. For example, smoking, opening a bottle, firing a dart, banana and of course a ping pong all out of you know what... Because we were in the middle of nowhere the tuk tuk drivers knew they could rip us off. It is hard to find a Thai person to trust.
We didn't get to go to the Skybar because we were told we wernt dressed smart enough, but instead we got drunk and ate a Scorpian.
The only reason we didn't make it to the floating market was because again it was hard to find a Thai person to trust, we were told so many different things about where the market was, how much you should pay to get there etc etc, in the end we decided not to go. But I do wish we had gone.
Next stop, Koh Chang!!


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