Monday, 8 December 2014


Well.. Where to begin. For me Dubai was a massive culture shock, however It was truly mind blowing. 

We stayed Dream Palace hotel in Deira, which is classed as the Old town, it's a very local. Personally I would recommend to any tourist to stay in Downtown. It's a little more touristy there and you are less likely to stick out like a soar thumb. Being blonde does not help!

Firstly we had a look around the Duabi mall! You could spend days there, there is an aquarium, icerink and waterfall inside it, it really has everything you could ever need. Just outside of the main entrance to the mall is the Burj Khalifa. Which is the tallest building in the world, you can go up there but I think it was pretty pricey. Next to that is the Dubai fountains, every hour the fountains go off and perform a stunning display to classical music. 

The following day we sunbathed next to the man made Palm Jumeria, caught the metro straight down the centre of the Palm just in time to watch the sunset over the Atlantis hotel. We were lucky enough to be aloud on the private beach at that time and then we were invited to go to the aquarium for free! 

We found that the metro was the cheapest, easiest and quickest way around the country. Once we found our feet we both did enjoy Dubai. I would visit it again, however I would make sure I stay in Downtown. 

Our next stop is Bangkok, Thailand!! How exciting!


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