Friday, 21 August 2015


Have the magical hair scientists finally found a way to rid thirsty, dry damaged hair? Probably not but I'm going to give this a go regardless.

In the UK I make the effort to get my hair cut every 6 weeks. Since being away that hasn't happened. If I am honest after seeing some of the haircuts other backpackers received I didn't trust the Asian hairdressers. 

In the past I have heard wonderful reviews about Moroccan Oil... It makes your hair grow... It makes it healthier... Thicker... Stronger. All the things a girl wants to hear when she is thinking about buying a new hair products. Surely all of these hair dreams can't all be contained in a $50 bottle of hair oil? I haven't been using is long enough to either agree or disagree. 

However I can tell you the difference I haven't noticed from as little as two weeks of using Moroccan Oil.

Firstly, the smell. It's not the scent you'd expect from a hair oil. I expected the typical coconut scent that you receive with most hair oils. I can't explain the smell accept it is unusual and recognisable of Moroccan oil. It almost smells of sandalwood. It is a strong very distinctive smell, I would almost say it is a little masculine.

Secondly the oil. The instructions state to use the product on either wet or dry hair. I have been using it every day on my hair. The consistency is the same as any other hair oil, however you can feel on your fingers that it is rich in moisture and it really soaks into your hair. 

After a few weeks of use I do feel like my hair is a more hydrated and slightly healthier, but like a lot of treatments, only time will tell the end result. I am going to continue using Moroccan Oil in the hope that all my hair dreams and goals do come true.

Love Coral


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